The Bulldog

Is a Bulldog right for you?

Austin Bulldog Rescue Adopt
Austin Bulldog Rescue Adopt
  • Bulldogs are a medium sized, compact dog with short legs. They are considered “high maintenance” due to the medical issues that come along with them. Their smashed faces (Brachycephalic) lead to breathing issues and they have a higher risk for complications from anesthesia.
  • Bulldogs do not tolerate heat at all! They must be kept in air conditioned housing and not left free to run outside, there are no exceptions to this rule. They will overheat quickly and even a short car ride in the summer can lead to heat stroke and eventually, death.
  • Other medical issues that are common with bulldogs are problems with their eyes and skin. Cherry eye and Entropion are not uncommon with this breed, and most of the time require a surgical fix costing $1,000 - $2,500. Many bullies are sensitive to certain foods and have allergies to different environmental elements which can lead to hair loss and skin problems. Often, bulldogs require a special diet, supplements and medicated shampoos. So your bulldog can lead the healthiest and happiest life a low ingredient, grain free diet is recommended.  Daily wrinkle cleaning, wiping under their tails and feet become a part of your daily cleaning routine.
  • Orthopedic issues can arise from their short body structure. Stairs can be a challenge for some of the bulldogs as knees and hip issues are very common. Orthopedic surgery is very expensive for this high risk breed.
  • Even though Bulldogs are indoor dogs,  heartworm and flea prevention are still needed for them.
  • Bulldogs are generally not able to swim. Their body structure makes them sink faster than they can figure out how to make it out of the water.  For this reason it is very important that they not be left unattended around swimming pools.
  • Bulldogs are great family pets who love attention but can be very stubborn and demanding. They should be taught their limits right from the start and professional training classes are recommended. They can be chewers, snorers and tend to be very prone to flatulence.
  • Condos and apartments make great homes for bulldogs as they do ok without large yards. Typically they are not barkers, so close-by neighbors should not be annoyed.
  • We have heard many phrases associated with the bulldog, such as “allergic to air” or “walking checkbook” and we tend to agree! But the personality, loyalty and love of a bulldog makes it all worth it.

If this has not scared you away and you are financially in the position to provide and care for a bulldog, then they may be the breed for you. If you think maybe a bulldog is not for you, please take the time to visit your local shelter. There are many wonderful pets there just waiting for the opportunity to have a family of their own. Whichever you choose, please keep in mind, that adding any pet to your family is a commitment that requires time, patience and work. Do your research!

From: Florida English Bulldog Rescue