About Us

About Austin Bulldog Rescue (ABR)

Austin Bulldog Rescue (ABR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, breed specific, English Bulldog Rescue Organization in Austin, TX. We are a volunteer run organization that relies solely on tax deductible donations to provide the much needed medical care that our rescued bulldogs require.
Federal Tax ID 46-3292327.

ABR is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of unwanted English Bulldogs, education of owners on responsible dog ownership, and education of the public on the English Bulldog breed.

ABR takes in adoptable English Bulldogs from animal shelters, other rescue groups, and owners who can no longer properly care for their English Bulldogs. We provide for their medical and behavioral needs. Considering the Bulldog's background and your family's needs, we intend to make the best match. Every Rescue Bulldog is different: personality, temperament, energy, comfort with kids and other animals, medical needs, and more. We take all of these factors into consideration when making a furever-home match. We take our responsibility of finding forever homes for Rescue Bulldogs very seriously. All our rescued dogs live with families in foster homes in Austin, Texas. We often operate statewide and occasionally take in dogs from other areas of Texas, but we primarily service the Austin/NW San Antonio area. We do not run a shelter that you can visit.

All of the rescue operations are carried out by volunteers.

What We Do

Your help counts! Your donations will help support our goals below!

Animal Transport

We transport bulldogs from San Antonio, Houston, Waco, and San Marcos to Austin through the help of our volunteers.

Vet Bills

We run fundraisers events and rely on donations to help pay for our medical bills.

Finding Homes

Once they get settled in, we start matching up the bulldog to their loving home based on their unique personalities and quirks.

Pet Supplies

Our rescue bulldogs are sent home with collars, treats, food, toys, & more!


We take chances on those who have troubled background and give them a second chance at life with special training!


We listen to the Austin community to find our pups, raise funds for them to join, and restore their hope for a happy ending!

We Are Different from Most Rescues

Here is a breakdown of how we budget for each bulldog below.

Average Intake Costs


Per Month / Per Dog
  • Initial Vet Screening
  • Shots
  • Gate, Crates, & Rescue Gear
  • Food
monthly cost

Code of Ethics for Our Rescue Program

ABR follows a code of ethics that requires us to operate in a lawful and responsible fashion.
  • We will do nothing illegal, dishonest or unethical
  • We will familiarize ourselves with and operate within local animal control laws.
  • We will spay/neuter all dogs before placement in adoptive homes.
  • We will keep accurate records and history of each dog in our rescue and we will provide the most accurate information available to potential adopters about the dogs in our foster care.
  • We will screen adoptive homes carefully before placement.
  • We will carefully match each English Bulldog with the most appropriate, approved adoptive home. We will accept that no home is perfect, and we acknowledge that a good match is defined as working for both the dog and the adopters.
  • We will accept the fact that not all dogs are adoptable for health or behavioral reasons, and that sometimes the best rescue we can provide an animal is rescued from illness and pain through humane euthanization.
  • We will operate as a nonprofit organization, doing nothing to the benefit of any member or individual.
  • We will accept the fact that we will have differences of opinion within our group. We will treat each other with courtesy, and we will show tolerance for each other’s ideas and opinions.
  • We will build and foster positive relationships with other rescue workers and groups, collaborating whenever possible.
  • We will educate the public about the English Bulldog breed, responsible breeding, responsible pet ownership, and the critical importance of spay/neuter.

Document based on Patti Webb, NAIA national rescue coordinator, “Basic rules of ethical rescue: NAIA promotes ethical rescue actions”