Paw It Forward

Austin Bulldog Rescue PAW IT FOWARD fundraiser October 16, 2020 virtual event

You Should KnowA single donation can change an entire dog's life.

Step 1: Pick a Donation Amount

Pets have majestic paws, but they might need your hands to say why they want to help, you can help them by providing the life saving help.

Step 2: Add your pup name(s) & Message

Remember to tell us in the comment section the reason why they are pawing it forward.

Now it is your pet's chance to give the ability to transform another bulldog's life with a gift today.

#BulldogsPawItForwardThank you and your pet(s).

Paw It Forward

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Donation Total: $10.00 One Time

**You can tag us using #BulldogsPawItForward with a photo and name of your pet(s) and we will post your pet(s) PAW IT FORWARD on our Social Media.

Bulldogs Who Pawed it ForwardBulldogs Who Transformed Lives and Pawed it Forward


I love helping the dogs in Austin!


In memory of Martini.


On behalf of all the rescue pup lovers and rescue pups, thank you for giving pups like me a second chance 💖

Ruth Tater Chinsburg

Ruthie is Pawing it Forward in celebration of the one year anniversary of ABR saving her life.


Pawing it forward in memory of my sweet baby boy and first foster Boudin. Thank you for bringing me to where I belong...helping make sure other like you live to know love.


For my foster brother, Jack Jack, who is getting a chance to live his best life.

Bodhi Bean

Bodhi and I are pawing it forward in honor of the sweetest, most perfect bulldogs in my life who have crossed the rainbow bridge over the last year and a half - Butchie, Roosevelt, Lily, and Weezy - and in honor of my best friend’s memory who shared her love of bullies with me, Michelle Wick.


In memory of my sweet Mr. Bingley, who was actually a pug mix, but loved running with pugs and bullies when he found them at the dog park. He was the best boy who came into our lives unexpectedly, and I’m so glad our hearts immediately opened up to him because he changed our lives and our love for dogs forever.

Tank Naqvi

Tank is making this donation for all the dogs who have still to find their furever home


Pawing it forward as we are so grateful to ABR and the amazing volunteers who made sure she was safe and found a soft place for this senior gal to land!


In memory of Lou - a friend to everyone and a big brother to Campbell.


I hope little by little u can get those legs back to normal dear Alfred and that u find your forever home ❤ thank you to everyone that helps this boy 🙏


In loving memory of and thanksgiving for Barkley.. our 1st rescue. Barkley led the way and we happily followed.


Sampson wants all his furry friends to be the happiest/healthiest pups they can be!


Pawing it forward so all dogs can know what it’s like to be loved and be as lucky as I have in finding my forever family.


Thanks for helping our Kaiya


Pawing it forward for Bonnie aka Nadja who came to us by way of this great organization. Without you all, we never would have come to know the most wonderful dog we have ever had.

Tank, Loo, Archie, Gracie

For all the dogs out there, especially the seniors, who deserve all the love!!


In memory of my sweet love. I saved you from a chain, but you saved me from myself. Thank you for 12 years of teaching me about true unconditional love. May these babies find their people or person as well <3

The PK Girls

For all the wonderful work y’all do! Love, Pretty Kennels

Mellie Melon AKA Shriley

Thank you ABR for bringing Mellie into our lives. She is the sweetest girl in the whole wide world!


Bubs says “Thanks ABR for helping me find my furever family! And for helping me get my knee fixed and my palate fixed!! I’m so happy now!”


Pepe wants for all pups to have the opportunity to be healthy and loved. They all deserve happy homes. ❤️


Monkey is only half bulldog but he supports his fellow squishy faced fam!


I was adopted by a bullyriffic family after being rescued as a stray in Chicago. I hope this small donation allows for other bulldogs to live the happiest and healthiest lives they deserve!

Mini "The Fridge"

Mini's life was changed forever after ABR took her in! She is so grateful for the second chance, even late in life. Thank you!




Just wishing the best to my bully cousins. From your Border Collie cuz.


All bulldogs deserve love, soft beds, and all the rubs!


Thank you for my blessings

Max Mulder

In honor of the most beautiful, loving creature that I was honored to have as my family.


Thank you for bringing me to my furever home where the toys, treats, kisses and belly rubs are plentiful. Here’s to helping others get their perfect fit.

Max Mulder

In honor of my baby boy Max that was the sunshine of my heart every day he was with me. I know he would want every dog to have a loving safe home to call their own.


Oscar Pawing it Forward in honor of Bubbs, the brother he never got to meet.

Moxie aka Molly Mayhem

I knew the moment that I saw her that she was my heart. Thank you, ABR for saving her precious life. It was 3 1/2 hours of an emergency surgery, many courses of antibiotics and other medications as well as your amazing foster program that brought her home. Raise lots of funds and many more paws! Love, her forever family.


All dogs deserve to find their furever home with lots of belly rubs, booty scratches, and ALL the treats!!!

Gauge & June

To help save more lives and help them find loving forever homes.

Mellie Melon

Cupcake and Johnny

We love you and want to help you get some great people. You deserve all the ❤️


In memory of Prince, a rescue cat who loved all and would want his mom to pay his little paw forward to give another a fighting chance. Thanks for all that you do ABR!


Thank you for matching us with our sweet Sofia.

Bruce Lee

For another lonely and neglected pup to have the same chance I was given: to have a family, to be cared for, to go swimming in rivers and on family road trips. To fall asleep on the sofa on dads shoulder and to eat Popsicles and watermelon with mom.


I have had rescued bulldogs from all over the US d/t my husbands job as a pilot. Have taken in over a 30 yr period. Lost my final ❤️rescue in May. ❤️My bullies...


Giles wants to paw it forward so that all puppers can get the chance to discover that life is meant to be filled with endless adoration and Kong throws, just like he was lucky enough learn after being rescued by ABR.

Quina and Tigger

Just want to help a little. Love my rescues!!

Caesar & Rudy 🐾

Sending love ❤️


How is Augie doing? Has she had her surgery as of yet? How is adoption looking?


From your friends in Wolf Ranch!!


Pawing it Forward to let more rescue pups like Annie get to be a little human and drink casually out of a cup filled with whipped cream!


To all the“new” but for sure 13 years young 😂 pups like Jacques 💖.


Just a little something from Beeftip to help his homies out...


For all my doggos in need who deserve the world.


We ❤️ ABR! Thanks for sharing Boulder with us passing along a small help for another pooch.


Dierks sends this donation in memory of our bullies that came before him, and now reside in heaven (BillyRay and Cyrus).


Thanks to the humans @ABR for all of the love and care you share with the bulldogs out there who need it the most!

Justin Bowser

Merry Christmas Rahel

Bella’s baby shower

It’s not much, but I hope her and her babies get what they need❤️

Porter, Samson & Delilah

We love the work you do to give these dogs the opportunity at a life full of love and care!

Mr. Buster

Hope this helps while you watch over your growing pack from up above!


In loving memory of Bruce who left his loving family too soon.

Harbin China Rescue

My bulldog Charlie died a couple of years ago but he’s my forever dog. I love the work your organization does and want to help on behalf of him.

Mamba & Duke

We lost our 2 sweet pups this year. They were so loved & every dog deserves a chance to be loved like that.


We greatly admire the work this organization does, though we wish it were not necessary.


Have an extra 100 this month, I know Ed is in bad shape. THANK YOU for taking care of someone in such dire need.

Sir Fredrick (Fred)

Digg Smith

Pawing it forward in the name of my adoptive family,.Thank you Tanya Ellis you saved me love,.digg


Layla Louise Tonic Williams

Layla passed away last week, this in her memory. Her momma Christa is very sad and loves helping other doggies.

Thank you for giving our rescue dogs a second chance at life ❤