Hi! My Name Is Yoshi

We're happy to tell you that Yoshi has a new furever home.
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Yoshi is the Oscar Meyer mobile come to life, but with bat ears.  None of his parts make sense, but they truly make a hilarious boy.  Yoshi waddled his way into his foster home and was immediately comfortable.  He wasted no time getting down to business playing with his doggy foster siblings and finding all the best napping spots in the house.  And if you think he can't jump on the couch, you'd be wrong.  He's surprisingly agile, despite his proportions saying otherwise.  Yoshi is super social and loves making new friends, kids and adults alike.  He'd love a big family with lots of people and other dogs to spend time with, but would actually be just as content if it were just you and Yosh.  He's so easy to please and happy wherever he lands.  Yoshi loves following his foster parents around during the day to see what they're up to, including being foster mom's spotter in her home gym.  And he's really good about grooming, since he doesn't mind being handled and touched.  As if all this weren't enough, Yoshi is a perfect houseguest too -- totally housetrained and non-destructive when left alone.