Hi! My Name Is Xena

We're happy to tell you that Xena has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.
Xena is like a Mrs. Potatohead -- all of the parts fit, but none of them match. Her tongue is constantly flopped out of her mouth, she waddles about on the stumpiest of flippers, her batman ears listen intently for new friends who want to say hi to her, and her tail is somehow both chonky and skinny at the same time. It's okay to giggle a little at Xena, because she LOVES any and all attention from people. She is always ready for a hug or a pat from a new friend. Her favorite thing is butt scritches, and she will let you know by half-splootting her backlegs out and flopping her tongue in and out of her mouth. Xena is currently hanging out with another male bulldog in her foster home, who she is being slowly introduced to. We will be giving her time to decompress, so we can figure out what sort of family would be best for her before matching her.