Hi! My Name Is Wrigley

We're happy to tell you that Wrigley has a new furever home.
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You will never question what Wrigley is feeling at any given time of the day.  He wears every emotion very clearly on his big smooshy face and has the funniest humanlike expressions!  Wrigley's face lights up with a big, radiant bully smile when he gets to play.  The first day he arrived at his foster home, he went straight for the giant toy basket and took out every single toy to test them out.  He especially loves playing ball!  Wrigley takes a minute to get settled in and warm up to new people, but once he does, he's a total velcro dog who wants aaaaall the bear hugs and kisses.  He very much prefers to be a homebody vs getting out to the breweries and restaurants with you, but one of his favorite times of day is his morninng walk to sniff around the neighborhood.  Wrigley has a cute habit of nibbling on fingers and toes when he wants attention or gets really amped about something.  We think kids older than 10yo would be best, give that younger ones may not understand this is just his way of communicating.  Wrigley is great with cats, and generally ignores them. (Sorry if your kitty wants a bowling ball for a playmate!  It won't be this guy!)  He's a little pickier with his dog friends, after being involved in a very traumatic incident with a much larger dog which almost cost him his life.  He's currently livinng with one smaller, calm dog who he even enjoys playing with sometimes!  But he will need a forever family who is willing to be patient and spend a few weeks working with him and their own dog to help Wrigley understand that he can trust this new doggy friend.  His current foster used this method to help him feel safe and comfortable, and we believe this has done wonders for his confidence, overall.  ABR would be thrilled to provide info on how Wrigley's forever family can do this on their own or recommendations on a force-free trainer who can help guide you through slow intros and making sure Wrigley feels safe and comfortable.