Hi! My Name Is Lennon

We're happy to tell you that Lennon has a new furever home.
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Lennon is breathtakingly beautiful.  No really.  Pictures do not do this dog justice.  He is soft and smushy and YES please squish his jowls and hug and love on him.  Lennon is very young and is still a puppy in many ways.  He is still working on leash manners, but is super smart and catching on quickly.  He lives for a dip in the toy basket, and will take every single one out, prancing around as if it's the first time he's seen it.  Lennon also loves going on rides in the car.  He'd much prefer to sit in your passenger seat, and will quietly observe the world going by.  He loves to play with dog savvy cats who are open to that sort of relationship with their doggy roomates, but would prefer to be the only dog in his home.  However, he does enjoy playing with dogs at parks and outside of his home. 

Lenn is still working on polite greetings, and likes to give hugs when he first meets people.  We'd recommend kids 10+ who he can't knock over, but he'd be THRILLED to have a big family with more people to play with.  Lennon is also working on leash manners -- walks are VERY exciting right now.  He will come with an easy walker harness and a 2-point leash to help with training as he learns to walk calmly.  We think a home in an area that's not super loud and busy would be great for him, since big noises tend to startle him when he's on walks.