Hi! My Name Is Willie

We're happy to tell you that Willie has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

Willie is everything we love about bulldogs -- stubborn, not afraid to tell you how it is, and the very best resting bully face.  Willie plays when he wants, and not when you want.  He goes where he wants, and if you say he can't, too bad because he's already there and has left a trail of drool and stink in his wake.  If you try to tell Willie he can't do or have something, he'll holler at you until you end up giving in because it's really just easier on everyone.  And if you haven't suddenly become psychic with the ability to read Willie's mind and anticipate his every need, he's going to have some words for you.  

Willie has some old man aches and pains, but thinks pain is for sissies and will still insist on shaking a toy at you or knocking you out of the way to get what he wants.  He is VERY irritated by little kids, because back in his day, kids knew to be seen and not heard.  And he's not a fan of male dogs, but is all about the laaaaaaaadiiiiies.  Basically, Willie likes what he likes and nothing you can say or do will change that.  He's a bull headed guy, stuck in his ways, who will every now and again show off his tender side with nuzzles and cuddles (but you better not put this on the computer or the tick tocks, dammit!!).  So, if you love yourself a somewhat grumpy old man with a soft side, Willie is your guy.