Hi! My Name Is Wembley

We're happy to tell you that Wembley has a new furever home.
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Wembley does not know a bad day or a stranger!  ABR met him after being found as a stray by a vet tech, who immediately recognized what rough shape he was in.  But even then, he was all kisses and fully appreciated being held close like a baby for comfort.  Now that he's feeling more like himself, Wembley excudes love, light and joy in everything he does!  He is SO excited about playtime, and loves toys that he can nibble on.  In fact, sometimes, he likes to have a little nibble on the bottom of your pants or your shoelace, if he thinks he's not getting enough attenion, so we think he'd do best in a home with older kids, if any, who won't be bothered by this while he works on more polite ways of asking for love.  Wembley also very much enjoys the company of other dogs.  He likes to get all up in their business, sniff around and engage in play, so we hope that his forever family has dogs who are ok with this sort of little friend.  Wem has also lived happily with cats and met a few pigs he didn't mind, either.

Wembley was born with a genetic issue which affected his mobility and how he uses his back legs to get around.  He's not in any pain, can potty on his own without making a mess, and gets around just fine!  Sometimes he can stand and shuffle to wherever he's going, sometimes he'll drag his back legs behind him.  Either way, he is totally unbothered by this and can still play, chase, and wrestle just fine!  Wembley is also a tiny little dude who is more than happy to be carried around.  ABR consulted a neurologist and other specialists to determine if surgery was possible to give him better mobility, and it's not an option for his specific condition.  We'd recommend keeping him on a good omega and/or joint supplement long term to make sure his front joints and legs feel good, since he gets around the most with those.