Hi! My Name Is Verity

We're happy to tell you that Verity has a new furever home.
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*Verity is available for adoption to approved families in Austin or nearby*

Verity positivity and joy will make every day you have with her a bazillion times better!  This little spitfire is truly a miracle and a testament to what love and care can do for a dog who hasn't had the best start in life.  Verity is instant best buds with everyone she meets -- humans, cats, dogs, and all other creatures!  She assumes that everyone would love to hold her, play with her, or snuggle with her.  Verity loves big and trusts with her whole heart.  She is definitely still a puppy and is super curious about everything around her.  She's learning valuable lessons from her fur foster sister and human caretakers like kisses are better than puppy shark teeth nibles, the inside of the dishwasher is no place for Frenchie puppy, and coming when she's called means something good is about to happen!  Verity loves to play with other dogs too, and would love a playmate who shares her ethusiasm for bitey face and wrasslin.'

Verity was originally found on the streets down in the Rio Grande Valley when she was only about 2mo old.  She's got a funny little walk, and looks sort of like a daddy long legs spider when she scurries around the house.  She is not in pain, and was born this way.  We think it makes her so much more charming and adorable!  Her forever family will need to make sure to take proper care of her joint health as she continues to grow -- following vet recommendations to ensure she can still get around comfortably becuase our girl likes to MOVE.  Verity was also born incontient and will be in diapers for the rest of her life.  She will also need some additional consideration, in terms of her diet, to ensure she stays healthy.  If you don't have experience with these needs, her wonderful foster family and our team can help you understand her routine.  Luckily, Verity is super easygoing for changing, grooming, etc. because after all, that's just more attention for Verity.