Hi! My Name Is Trip

We're happy to tell you that Trip has a new furever home.
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Trip is such a fun boy!  His tail is constantly wagging and you can usually find him with a big, bully smile on his face or happily waving a toy at you to play.  He's always super eager to meet new human friends and loves to get attention from any and everyone.  In fact, he's awesome with baths, and we think this is because he realized it's a time where he just gets more pets and love from his people.   

Trip lost one of his front leg after being hit by a car when he was young, and now has some aches and pains due to getting around with one front leg.  And since his differences don't stop him from running, playing, and being a goofy dog, we are working on helping him slim down + have him on supplements and meds to ensure his pain is properly managed.  We think older kids in his forever home would best, given that they will be able to understand how to give him space if he's feeling extra crummy some days.  Trip is currently living in a home with a number of other dogs, and enjoys their company, as long as he doesn't have to share his toys.