Hi! My Name Is *Thor

We're happy to tell you that *Thor has a new furever home.
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Thor is a lanky megababe whose jowls seem to have a mind of their own.  He's a playful, slightly clumsy, guy who is guaranteed to make you laugh on even your worst days.  Thor also has the best time playing with other dogs and has a typical, bully rough and tumble playstyle.  He also loves playing tug and going on walks with his doggy friends.  One of our favorite things about this guy is how friendly he is.  There is not an ounce of shyness in him and settling into life in a foster home took no time at all!  Thor is currently working on potty training and has nearly mastered it after a few short weeks.  He would be an amazing companion to take out and about with you to meet your friends, go to dinner, or walk the park on weekends since he loves meeting new people and making new friends. 

Thor was diagnosed with kidney and liver issues after arriving at ABR.  He is still very active, hungry, and is even gaining weight!  He definitely doesn't feel week or fragile and is able to keep up with his 80lbs foster sister when it comes time to wrestle and play.  He will require regular vet checkups for bloodwork and special supplements, medication, and diet to slow the progression of both.  But Thor definitely still has a good quality of life and is very , very happy and alert, so we wholeheartedly believe he deserves a forever family.