Hi! My Name Is *Thomas

We're happy to tell you that *Thomas has a new furever home.
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We named Thomas after the nicest guy in showbiz (Tom Hanks) because he truly may be THE nicest dog you'll ever meet!  His tail is constantly wagging and he is SO eager to please his humans, even if you've just met him.  Thomas wants pets, hugs and love from anyone he meets.  If you're looking for a snuggly guy who will charm the socks off all your friends and family, Thomas is your guy.  He also gets along great with other dogs and enjoys having a playmate to wrestle and run around with outdoors.  He also loves toys and sneaking them away to hide them somewhere safe for later, so any doggy companion in his forever home should also be ok with sharing their stuff.  We think Thomas would be great with kids 6+ since he loves being around people so much.   He doesn't have a mean bone in his body!  He's also been learning proper leash manners and how to use a doggy door, and is doing really really well with both.