Ted E. Bear

Hi! My Name Is Ted E. Bear

We're happy to tell you that Ted E. Bear has a new furever home.
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Ted E. Bear has the most adorable fat bear paws and cute bear tail nub!  He loves his gorgeous, golden fur brushed, and even moreso if he gets to sit in your lap during brushing.  Ted is such a sweet, loving boy, but is also very sensitive.  He will let you know when he is interested in hugs and love (which is often!), and can be a bit shy with new people, especially men.  Ted loves toys, especially things he can chew.  And you'll enjoy watching his mountain of neckrolls while he munches on something tasty.  Ted also LOVES going for walks and gets so pumped when foster mom brings his harness out!  In fact, one of things she is working on with him is not jumping and nibbling on her in anticipation when he's excited about things.  

Ted would do well in a home with another dog who doesn't mind his very forward, bulldog-style greeting.  He's gonna march right up to a dog and take a biiiiiig sniff all up in their business.  We also would prefer he not go to a home with kids given how shy he can be with new people handling him and the fact that he is still working on polite greetings and not nibbling on his friends when he's pumped about something.  Lastly, we think Ted is best in a home with only females, for now, who can slowly help him acclimate to men.