Hi! My Name Is Taz

We're happy to tell you that Taz has a new furever home.
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Meet Taz (aka Buddy) This little guy is a special case in learning patience and compassion when handling a dog. 💙 Taz spent the first 3 years of his life not getting the help he needed with his extreme fear of people. (Which was likely created by the first owner he had before he was sold at 5 months)😔 Taz endured a lot of archaic training methods in the last year like the use of a shock collar. By the time we were called Taz was more terrified than ever and his options had dwindled to us being his last chance. 😢 Taz is not a bad dog, but every fear he had was only cemented with the use of unkind methods. (Can you imagine being afraid of people and then being shocked every time a new person is around? How on earth did anyone think that would help???) Tax’s path to calm meant finding a patient and resilient foster. One of our committee members took on the challenge and spent the first 7+ days with him “decompressing” in a room trying her best to not lose faith. Taz did his best impression of a scary monster that didn’t want her near him. But she stayed the course. 😰 Fast forward 2 weeks and Taz was warming up. He was ready to take a walk, then he met the other pups, started seeking foster mom’s attention, and now he’s a silly sweet boy with foster mom. 🙌🏼 So... the challenge for us now is to find a forever home for Taz that will stick with the initial transition period and know that all his bluster will calm and there is just a sweet but scared dog underneath. He’s so much more than the scared dog you first meet... he’s also funny, goofy, loving, cuddly, and loyal. 🥰 We won’t lie and say it’ll be an easy first week...but he DOES get there if you give him the space and time. And it’s an incredibly rewarding experience to be that person that can offer a safe haven to a sweet little guy like Taz. 🙏🏼 Here’s what foster mom Francesca has to say, “Shy guy Taz Will warm your heart with snuggles and kisses once he gets to know you! He will also make you laugh till it hurts zooming and rolling around the yard.” ❤️ Taz needs a low traffic home with a yard so that he can slowly acclimate. Any interested adopter will have to understand that it’ll take Taz a couple weeks to not react due to fear. (That means at least one week of behind a gate decompression time when he moves.) If you are compassionate and patient, it’ll be very worth it. * Taz’s adoption includes 3 training sessions with a rescues approved trainer.