Hi! My Name Is Tawny

We're happy to tell you that Tawny has a new furever home.
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If you ask Tawny, she'll tell you she's a lap dog.  Doesn't matter if she doesn't quite fit, she's gonna try!  Tawny just loves all people.  We've been so impressed by how gentle and sweet she is whenver she approaches someone, big or small.  And she's definitely ready right away to start snuggling up to new friends like she's known you forever.  Tawny is one of those special sort of dogs that just exudes a kind and beautiful energy that will brighten up a room.  And if you're with her, expect to be showered in kisses.

Tawny lived for years in a shed being bred over and over again.  It's truly a miracle she survived.  What's even more of a miracle is how loving and well-behaved she is, given all the trauma she's suffered though.  Tawny is a dream on a leash.  She enjoys walks at a slow, sauntering pace and doesn't seem to react to any distractions when out and about.  Of course, unless someone wants to say hi, then she's all wiggles!  Tawny is currently living with another dog in her foster home and is learning how to play!  She is a bit awkward, and thinks this means just sort of bumping into your fur friends and barking,  but she's trying her best!  She's also learning about how much fun it is to chew on tasty things and play fetch with squeaky stuff.  And she's totally non-reactive to cats.  Although Tawny is great with all people, she's a bit clumsy and definitely wants to be close to people, so we think older kids who she can't knock over would be best.