Hi! My Name Is Spartacus

We're happy to tell you that Spartacus has a new furever home.
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Spartacus has spent the last few years of his life either as a stray or in and out of shelters. Although each facility tried their best to care for his needs, Sparty does have breed-specific maintenance that could have been better tended to. With small changes in grooming, nutrition, and a transition into a comfortable foster home, he has made huge improvements in his health and appearance. One of the best things about this boy is that even though he is large in size, he is one of the most gentle pups we've ever met. He is not rude about taking treats, does not topple over furniture, and is will delicately set his face and jowl curtains on your lap to receive pets. Sparty also loves to mosey around his neighborhood, eager to make new friends and greet ones he's already made. Spartacus would be best in an adult only home with no pets, since true to his breed, he tends to get a little jealous of others getting the love that he needs (after all, he's a big dude! so he SHOULD get more love than everyone else, right?). He is happiest getting fold scratches, smush rubs, and bear hugs from his humans and will let you know with a boof or two if he's waiting on you. He also requires pretty much the same grooming as bulldogs (fold cleaning, foot soaks, nose butter, etc) just on a larger scale. Spartacus just wants to take life slow and relaxed, and is looking for someone likeminded to enjoy that with.