Hi! My Name Is *Snacks*

We're happy to tell you that *Snacks* has a new furever home.
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Snacks name is sort of ironic, given what a picky eater he is.  But you can clearly see he is, by no means, starving.  This stumpy, barrel shaped boy will keep you entertained with his feats of physics-defying athleticism and "play with me!!!" bark that sounds like it should come from a 5lb chihuahua.  And this boy loves to play.  His happy place is fetching a toy in the yard or chewing on something tasty to wind down after a long day of being a weird shaped piglet.  Snacks also loves other dogs.  He really would enjoy having a playmate to romp and wrestle with, but when it comes to his food, he's not a fan of sharing with others (same, tbh).  Snacks is not the most cuddly of boys, but you know you've won him over when he gives you his bubble butt to rub and scratch on.  And bonus points if one of those precious snaggle teeth of his pokes out as he enjoys his pets.  He also shows he loves you by bringing something tasty to chew on and laying next to you.  Act like you're impressed with this, even if you've seen it a million times, because he wants very much to show off his skills. 

Snacks has that charming bulldog trait that we all love -- demand barking.  It's not excessive and constant, just when he really wants to play with you or his ball rolls under the couch.  And if you don't know any better, this barking can be interpreted as scary.  So we think an adults only home is right for him.  Snacks is crate trained, and we'd recommend continuing to make sure this is a positive, cozy place for him to be when you're away since he can get a bit mischievous when left to his own devices.  And what's his one vice?? Hoses.  Anything that looks like a hose, he's gotta get after.  Good news is, your home will always be safe from snakes.