Hi! My Name Is Simon

We're happy to tell you that Simon has a new furever home.
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Don't let this boy's scowl or look of judgment fool you.  Simon truly is full of love, joy and light.  He LOVES to snuggle up to his favorite humans, and everyone he meets is his favorite human.  If you aren't petting and loving on him, he'll be sure to remind you that you should be by laying his smooshy face on your shoulder or in your lap.  Simon loves to play, too, but he's also very calm and patient with grooming, fold cleaning, etc.  Anything that is fetchable or tuggable, Simon is game!  Simon is not currently living with kids, but we think older kids are best since he is still working on polite, calm greetings and how to manage big feelings when he's really excited.  And he's not living with other dogs, but his foster has taken him for walks with other dogs.  Simon comes off a little bit eager, which can be a little much for some dogs, but we think overall, he is friendly (just really excited to play with new friends!).