Hi! My Name Is Silas

We're happy to tell you that Silas has a new furever home.
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Silas is a lover.  On the first day in his foster home, he was already eager to snuggle up with his new friends and is still most content tucked into someone’s arm nook on the couch.  He’s also an active boy who loves going on walks to explore and playing fetch in the yard.  Silas can be a bit choosy about his dog friends and definitely isn’t interested in sharing his human snuggles with them, so we’d recommend he be your one and only dog.  But he’a done wonderfully with playmates when out and about, as long as there are not valuable fun toys to feud over.  And speaking of toys, we’re not sure what this kid’s been through, but he can get worked up if he thinks someone is going to take the stuff he’s playing with.  He still will bring you the ball for fetch, but he really would rather chew his tasty things in peace.  For this reason, we think it’s best he be in a home with only adults who will keep using the direction provided in the training plan we have for him.  Sweet Silas is a little spicy, but his sugary side more than makes up for it!