Hi! My Name Is Roscoe

We're happy to tell you that Roscoe has a new furever home.
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When we talk about the resilience of rescue dogs and their willingness to forgive, despite knowing the worst of humans, our hearts go out to Roscoe.  He is the epitome of a 90lb gentle giant, who wants nothing more than to finally feel safe and loved.  In his four short years on this earth, he has been abandoned by humans multiple times and found in states of serious, dangerous neglect.  But regardless of this, he welcomes new visitors into this foster home, parading around with a toy in his mouth or rolling on his back to immediately ask for belly rubs.  And after that initial excitement, he will lean against you, asking for love and staring at you with his big, golden eyes and sweet pittie smile. 

Roscoe has the BEST time playing in his own home and offleash with other dogs.  He's one of the few dogs we've met who can be rough and tumble with the big dogs and gentle and silly with the little ones.  We think he would do best in a home with structure with a family who pays attention to their individual dog needs and preferences.  Because Roscoe has lived through severe neglect and starving, he does guard his food and food bowl, so all feedings need to be separate.  Luckily, this guy has no issues having space and 'me' time, enjoying a nap on his own in the guest room, every now and again.  Just be prepared for your home to be filled with the sounds of freight train snores, when that does happen!  

Roscoe would also do best in a home with his very own yard with a tall, secure fence.  He loves to chase squirrels and will definitely try to get up and over or under a fence to get to one.  He's also currently working on polite leash manners, but is luckily VERY food motivated.  We would love for him to go to a family who is interested in continuing to help him work on this so that he can relax and enjoy walks or jogs in his new home. Lastly, this boy is incredibly sweet and gentle, but is still learning to use a soft mouth when accepting treats or his favorite chews.  We'd prefer Roscoe go to a home with older kids, for this reason, although he would still LOVE the attention of little ones from time to time.