Rhino McFlurry

Hi! My Name Is Rhino McFlurry

We're happy to tell you that Rhino McFlurry has a new furever home.
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Rhino Mcflurry has a very sad past, but a very bright future!  Not one, but two of her legs were broken before even turning 1yo.  She was living in a place where other dogs were not kind to her and was offered no medical care to resolve either broken leg. But we were so very thrilled to find that she was still amazingly trusting of both dog and cat and human friends!  Rhino seems to love everyone she meets, and the feeling is mutual.  Her foster mom tells us that typically one of her dogs is wary of every new foster that comes in.  But he was eager to be friends with little Rhino right away!  Rhino is also a perfectly clingy and loving girl, when it comes to her humans.  She wants to be close to you all the time.

Rhino is currently working on crate training in her foster home, and we hope that if her future family would like to use a crate, they will continue to help her create positive associations to it.  And she's also working on potty training, but what do you expect of a puppy who has lived outside all her life until now?  Luckily, she is most definitely a people pleaser, powered by praise and making you happy.  So, we're sure she'll get the hang of it with time and consistency.