Reina πŸš—

Hi! My Name Is Reina πŸš—

We're happy to tell you that Reina πŸš— has a new furever home.
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Reina is a social butterfly who is happy to be in the company of all people and nice animals.Β  She's great with dogs who want to play with her and loves to play tug with her dog friends.Β  And she's totally comfortable with cats being around and sharing a napping spot with her.Β  Reina is always a favorite when we bring her to adoption events, too.Β  She gets the biggest smile on her face and is super eager to say hi to everyone, especially if her ABR bff Denver is in the mix!Β  Reina suffered a traumatic spinal injury before coming to ABR and was not treated in enough time to recover her mobility.Β  And you would think this would slow her down, but she's able to run, chase squirrels, and wrestle right along with her bigger doggy foster siblings.Β  And she loves the mobility her wheels give her, which will come with her as part of her adoption.Β  Reina is currently incontinent, and will need to be in diapers for the rest of her life.Β  But we will set her adopter up with the right diet and care products to tend to her needs and provide you with support from our team to answer any questions.Β  Reina can typically be left alone for 4-6hrs, occasionally.Β  To prevent any secondary issues that could be caused by remaining in an unclean diaper too long. her future family should avoid doing this too often.Β 

Reina is available for adoption to qualified adopters in the contiguous 48 states.Β  ABR would prefer approved applicants to come to TX to meet their match, with their family and dog(s), but we recognized this isn’t always possible.Β  In such cases, approved adopters should be willing to participate in video interviews with the entire family to meet their match virtually. Adopters must also provide a transportation plan for their new family member that will require approval from the ABR Board.Β  Β This needs to be paid for by the adopter, in addition to the dog’s adoption fee.Β  Adopters need to also be prepared arrange safe transport back to the Austin area, should adoption not work out.Β  Please be prepared to provide vet and personal references in your application for us to contact when considering your family.