Hi! My Name Is Rainier

We're happy to tell you that Rainier has a new furever home.
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Rainier is a round, stumpy ball of wiggles and smiles.  He's a total social butterfly!  You'll have a hard time getting anywhere quickly, if you adopt this guy, because everyone will be stopping you on the street to say hi to him, which he will LIVE for.  Rainier is definitely not shy and will waddle up to anyone with his tail wagging.  This greeting style also applies to other dogs -- he assumes every dog he sees will be his new friend.  Needless to say, it's best if he finds himself a forever home with another dog (or a few!) who don't mind this typical bully way of saying hi.  Rainier also LOVES toys, especially squeaky ones, so we hope his family has a dog who doesn't mind sharing these.  We'd prefer a home with no young kids for him, as well, since sometimes his wiggles and enuthisastic HELLOOOOs could knock a little one over. 

Rainier was found as a stray about a year ago, with an obvious injury to one of his eyes.  Unfortunately, his finder got some poor advice about treatment, and it only got worse before he finally arrived at ABR.  His ABR vet ended up needing to remove that troublesome eye, but luckily, he doesn't seem very affected by it.  We think he got used to only being able to see out of the one, and so really, he's just in significantly less pain. now.