Hi! My Name Is Puck

We're happy to tell you that Puck has a new furever home.
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Puck is a delightfully mischievous little scamp who hasn't met a toy he doesn't love.  And this dude can have everything he wants, after what he's been through!  And to really understand him, you have to know his story. 

Puck was purchased at a very young age from a breeder and basically tossed in a backyard without adequate food and water for months, where he nearly starved to death.  When he suffered through a medical emergency that would require surgery, his owner surrendered him to a shelter and asked that they euthanize him.  But his guardian angels knew this sweet puppy deserved so much better and could still have a chance at a wonderful life.  Puck, luckily, made it through and survived the worst.  But he was robbed of very important months in his development as a puppy -- learning play, socializing with other dogs and people, and being part of a family.

Puck could potentially live with other dogs some day, but right now, he doesn't quite get when they're telling him 'no thanks' or don't appreciate his rough play style.  Puck would be a perfect first dog for a family, who can socialize him on his terms with play dates and pack walks and then decide if getting another would be right for them.  He is already SO smart and loves learning new skills for treats, so we think he will be a quick study.  Puck is crate trained and enjoys chewing tasty stuff while in there.  He's also doing great on his leash training!  Puck is not currently living with kids, but we think kids 10+ is right for him, given that he's still working on some lingering puppy manners.