Hi! My Name Is Pretzel

We're happy to tell you that Pretzel has a new furever home.
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Pretzel is the perfect name for this boy, given the hilariously bendy yoga positions this boy loves to nap in!  He certainly has no trouble getting comfortable, no matter where he is.  He loves that foster mom works from home, and spends the day following her from room to room, napping close by.  He doesn't get stressed when she isn't around, he just likes to be near his humans.  Pretzel was found as a stray in horrible condition.  He was emaciated, missing fur, and very weak.  He also had a long, open wound that shot down his back like a lightning bolt.  We're not sure what this is from, and he may also have a special shaped scar that's unique to only Pretzel!

Pretzel is very social and friendly, and would be great in a household that enjoys having small gatherings of friends or family over.  He is still working on not jumping on new friends or nibbling on fingers when he gets really excited, so we prefer he go to a home without kids.  Pretzel also LOVES to play and no squeaky toy is safe in his presence!  He hasn't met one yet that he hasn't been able to successfully defluff!  Lastly, we have not had the opportunity to dog test him yet, but plan on doing this in the near future, now that the wound on his back has almost fully healed.  So far, though, he seems totally non-reactive to them when he sees them out and about.