Hi! My Name Is Pippa

We're happy to tell you that Pippa has a new furever home.
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We think Pippa had a pretty rough start to life before coming to ABR, and her trust and affection for humans, despite that, just amazes us.  This girl LOVES people.  All people - big, small, adults, kids, EVERYONE is Pippa's best friend!  She would spend all day in your lap giving kisses, if it were up to her!  Pippa is very quiet, well-behaved, housetrained, and an absolute angel in just about any sort of home environment.  She enjoys spending time with the small foster humans in her home, espeically if it means she can sun herself on the deck while they play in the yard.  Pippa is living with a small, senior female dog who she gets along great with!  She has been taking cues from her on where the best potty spots are in the yard and how to sit in juuuust the right place to catch crumbs from everyone's snacks during movie night.  It does seem like Pippa is afraid of male dogs, though.  This can happen with female dogs who spend their life being force bred, against their will.  We'd prefer Pippa live with only female dogs, if any, in her forever home.  Pippa also prefers to eat alone, without the chance of other dogs sticking their faces in her bowl.  And hey, that's totally ok!  When you end up in a shelter nearly starved to death, you're bound to be a little concerned over being able to finish your meal!  Lastly, Pippa has one cloudy eye, that appears to be due to untreated cataracts.  This doesn't seem to bother her at all, and she can get around her foster home just fine.