*Phillip πŸš— CornBread

Hi! My Name Is *Phillip πŸš— CornBread

We're happy to tell you that *Phillip πŸš— CornBread has a new furever home.
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Everyone who meets Phillip feels the spark.Β  This dog really is one of those once in a lifetime, break your heart into a million pieces type of boys.Β  One of our volunteers found him about a year ago, as a stray, and took him to the local city shelter.Β  When no one claimed him, we thought FOR SURE he'd get scooped up quickly.Β  He made lots of new friends, but still didn't find his forever family.Β Β 

We feel so lucky to have been chosen to help Phillip finish his journey home.Β  He is SUCH an angel, and honestly has better manners than some of our personal dogs who have had allll the training!Β  He is a perfect houseguest -- fully potty trained, non-destructive, quiet, and THRILLED to meet every friend and family member of yours who walks through the door.Β  He's also an angel walking on a leash.Β  Phillip has really enjoyed getting to know the female puppy who lives next door to him.Β  We think he could be happy with another female dog in his forever home.Β  He's been happy in both an apartment and single family home setting, as long as there's a couch for him to snuggle on.Β  And although he's wonderful with all people, he gets super excited when he sees his favorite humans and wants to smother them with sweet kisses and hugs.Β  So, we think older kids who can't get knocked over by his HELLO!!! would be perfect.Β  He'd just love a big family to love on!

As far as medical goes, Phillip's lip injury is old and doesn't bother him one bit!Β  Plus, he will absolutely let you kiss on that pout.Β  He is about 7yo, so we hope his future family will be sure to get him on a good joint supplement so he can keep adventuring and playing.Β  He's also perfect (no surprise, here) with grooming and baths, which is a plus, since one of his favorite hobbies is rolling on his back in the grass.

Phillip is available for adoption to qualified adopters in the contiguous 48 states.Β  ABR would prefer approved applicants to come to TX to meet their match, with their family and dog(s), but we recognized this isn’t always possible.Β  In such cases, approved adopters should be willing to participate in video interviews with the entire family to meet their match virtually. Adopters must also provide a transportation plan for their new family member that will require approval from the ABR Board.Β  Β This needs to be paid for by the adopter, in addition to the dog’s adoption fee.Β  Adopters need to also be prepared arrange safe transport back to the Austin area, should adoption not work out.Β  Please be prepared to provide vet and personal references in your application for us to contact when considering your family.