Hi! My Name Is Pepper

We're happy to tell you that Pepper has a new furever home.
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Pepper had us all fooled that she was the sleepy, lazy bulldog type.  But really, when she arrived at her foster home, she just wasn't feeling like her best self.  After some much needed TLC, and lots of toys, she's really started to come out of her shell!  In fact, she has discovered that she loves tearing up the fluffy, squeaky toys and proudly parading around with the torn out squeaker.  But don't get us wrong, Pepper fully appreciates having some downtime and snuggles.  Pick her up, swaddle her like a baby, snuggle up to her in bed -- she loves all of it!  Pepper is currently living with cats, and realized right away that she fits into their tiny cozy beds.  She especially loves the ones that are like little nap caves.  And the kitties in her home are so excited that they have finally gotten her to play with them, although a little surprised by the gremlin noises that come out of this tiny gal.  Pepper is not currently living with dogs, but has had playdates with other ABR dogs.  We think she'd do just fine sharing her home with other dogs, though she is a little socially awkward, in terms of play style.  We'd recommend a pretty tolerant dog for her to share her home with, as she learns how to "speak dog." Pepper is a dream to walk on a leash.  She is so good about not pulling and wonderful about meeting new people and dog friends too.  Pepper is not currently living with kids, but we think 6yo+ would be great for her.  She is very gentle and loves all people, so the more hands for pets, the better!