OttoMan (Otto)

Hi! My Name Is OttoMan (Otto)

We're happy to tell you that OttoMan (Otto) has a new furever home.
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Ottoman is a short and stout guy who was rescued from the dog meat trade in China and brought to the US a few months ago.  Soon after his arrival, we realized he had some major PTSD when it came to being touched and around certain things in the home (brooms were a major trigger).  We can only assume he suffered some very scary trauma at the hands of unkind humans in his past life, and had learned to expect the same, even from friendly, kind people.  We've been very patient with Ottoman and have learned a lot about what consent to touch looks like for him.  During this time, he's blossomed from a cowering, blustery guy to one who asks for pets, sits in your lap, and wants his face folds cleaned.  Ottoman LOVES playing ball and prancing around with his favorite squeaky toys.  He can never have enough toys!  He also really enjoys watching TV, especially any shows with animals.  His ideal life would include an equal balance of love from his favorite people and some 'me' time to catch up on his favorite shows.  Plus, we think he has the best toad face and squatty waddle --  it's hard not to smile when Otto is around!

Ottoman would do best in a home without kids that does not have children visit.  Since it's still important to understand when he does and does not want hugs and love, we think this is the ideal situation for him.  He is also still working on potty training, so we are hoping for a home for Otto with his very own yard where he can learn a routine.  As far as medical goes, Otto will need to remain on pain meds, which help his joints, and eye medication.  He went without proper eye care for many years of his life, and as a result, they can get pretty goopy.