Hi! My Name Is Otis

We're happy to tell you that Otis has a new furever home.
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If you're a lover of all things bulldog -- the stubbornness, the snorting, slobber, the constant starving despite being fed plenty of food -- Otis is your guy! He's an Olde English Bulldog who loves his humans fiercely and is not afraid to shout his love to the mountain tops, on occasion. And if you ever get a new piece of furniture or bring something different into the house, Otis will be sure to alert you to the presence of this new foreign intruder. He is currently living with another dog who shares his love of all things cozy and finding the best balling spots. Otis prefers to hang out on the couch with him vs playing. Otis also LOVES walks around his neighborhood, mostly because everyone who sees him will stop and marvel at his dashing piggy face and give him all sorts of love. We think this dude could do well with or without a yard, since he thrives on routine and structure. Walks outside to go potty a few times a day and scheduled meals?? Doesn’t take much to make this guy happy! Otis has also been known to chomp anything he perceives as food, including kids' toys, so we wouldn't recommend he be in a home with little ones. He also has a habit of using his slobbery jowls and mouthing to get attention, so this is another reason we'd rather send him home in an adults-only home.