Hi! My Name Is Oliver

We're happy to tell you that Oliver has a new furever home.
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Be prepared to give this guy everything he wants and more— there’s no way you’re ever saying no to Oliver’s pouty face!  And while he may generally look like he’s pretty disappointed in all of your choices, Oliver is really a very happy guy who loves every person he meets.  In fact, if you are looking for the instant gratification of adopting a dog who will love you and want to snuggle up to you immediately, Oliver is your guy.  His foster mom actually said he is by far the easiest foster they’ve ever had - he is calm, quiet, already knows how to ring a bell to go potty, and didn’t mind hanging out separately from the rest of the animal for a few days during the slow introduction process. Oliver especially loves the cats in his foster home, and vice versa.  His foster was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they wanted to join him and spend time with him.  And as far as dogs go, he much prefers the company of smaller ones.

Pretty much the only time you’ll see this guy lose his chill is for A BALL.  He loooves chasing a ball and if you ask him, his happy place would probably be snuggled on your lap, ball in his mouth, with the cats cuddled up nearby.  Oliver is an olde English Bulldogge, which means as far as care goes, he is lower maintenance than his squattier cousins.  This also means he can live in a home with stairs and go for longer walks.