Hi! My Name Is Nicky

We're happy to tell you that Nicky has a new furever home.
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Most dogs would find the experience of being surrendered to a tiny shelter and picked up by a new person they've never met pretty traumatizing.  But in Nicky's case, this was just a day that he got to meet a lot of new dog and people friends that were very nice to him.  And Nicky carries that attitude through every aspect of his life.  He seems to always be in a good mood, and is generally pretty laid back.  He definitely needs to get his jollies out when he meets a new person, and is definitely all up in your business immediately and slapping you happily with his bear paws in an effort to get as close as possible.  Especially for this reason, we think older kids, if any, are best for him while he is still working on polite greetings and learning waiting calmly means more pets for Nicky.  

Nicky really loves his humans and is one of those dogs who instantly bonds with you.  He's ready the second you get home to have snuggles on the couch, so we hope his forever family will be ok with letting him on the furniture.  Nicky is currently living with two larger dogs and a small puppy, and he really loves the smaller dog.  He was so excited to have a little playmate to play bitey face with!  Sometimes, he can feel insecure about bigger dogs trying to snuggle up to his favorite humans, though. This likely stems from losing his original family when they dropped him off at the shelter -- poor Nicky is afraid of something or someone else taking the people he loves away from him.  But his foster has been working diligently on helping him build his relationship with the larger dogs in their home and helping Nick feel more confident, so they will be able to share that process with his forever family.