*Neville Shortbottom

Hi! My Name Is *Neville Shortbottom

We're happy to tell you that *Neville Shortbottom has a new furever home.
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Neville Shortbottom is everything we love about bulldogs.  From the second we saw his voluptuous neck rolls and stumpy legged waddle, we were smitten.  He is stubborn in all the best ways, LOVES to be outside, and especially enjoys riding in his wagon or car.  In fact, if you can't get Neville to sleep, a good car ride is guaranteed to have him snoring.  And if you are not accommodating Neville, he will most definitely let you know!  This guy also needs his pampering time.  Give him baths every day of the week and blow dry him, brush him, whatever.  The more you serve Neville, the happier he is.  Neville has no boundaries and doesn't understand personal space.  If your dog doesn't want a flat nose snorting up and down his whole body, Neville is not the companion for him.  And if your dog gets nervous by a pushy bulldog shoving them out of the way to get to the snacks or marching up to them to say hi face to face, probably won't be a good buddy for this dude.  Luckily, that personal space thing applies to humans too.  Neville is a big cuddler.  He would love to sleep in bed next to you and snuggle all night but good luck getting him up in the morning.  The only creature who seems to have its personal space bubble respected by Neville is cats.  He's fine coexisting with them in the house and doesn't give a woof about them.  He's currently living with multiple cats in his foster home and rarely interacts or even seems to notice they're around.

Neville's 'low and slow' body type would not do well in a home where he has to traverse a lot of stairs.  We'd also recommend a home with its own yard, not because he can't walk, but because Neville will stop at every single door he sees and drop anchor.  After all, there might be someone in that door who will give him a treat or extra attention.