Hi! My Name Is Muggsie

We're happy to tell you that Muggsie has a new furever home.
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Muggsie is an 80lb lap dog, and you can't convince him otherwise.  The second you bring him home, he's going to jump onto the couch or whatever you are sitting on and try to snuggle up reeeeeal close to get some love.  This guy has never met a stranger!  And that applies to dogs too!  He's gotta get all up in their faces and wants to play and see what toys are the best ones to squeak.  In fact, Muggsie loves toys and loves having tasty things to chew on.  We'd definitely recommend that if you have another dog or dogs, they are willing to share their favorite toys with him, because like it or not...Muggsie is going to nibble on every toy he sees.  Oddly enough, this enthusiasm does not extend to kitties, in that he is totally calm and gives them plenty of space.  If they want to come say hi to him, he's very nice and lets them check him out at their own pace.  If they want to avoid him, that's fine with Muggs too.

Muggsie is still a puppy in a lot of ways.  He's very healthy and spry, and his allergies have been simple to manage.  He's still working on not jumping on new human friends when he meets them, and we'd like for his forever family to continue to focus on calm, polite greetings with him.  But he's actually awesome at leash walking, and not much of a puller.