Hi! My Name Is Monocle

We're happy to tell you that Monocle has a new furever home.
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  1. Monocle lost one of his eyes before we met him, and we're really not sure how.  He came from a high volume breeder where he lived in unsanitary conditions among a bunch of ther dogs.  But his poor eye is healed now and doesn't seem to slow him down at all, when it's time to have fun with the rest of the foster pack.  He loves playing with other dogs, big and small and can really hold his own!  Naturally, he can get a little nervous if he's startled or approached suddenly from his bad side, but he's definitely decompressing well and his confidence improves every day.  And because of this, we think he'd adjust best to an adults only home.  

But one of the things Monocle is never nervous about is being picked up, held, and loved on.  He loves nesting in the little crossbody sling that foster mom wears around the house and taking a nap, as well as being held close on the couch for a snuggle.  He'd be thrilled to sleep next to you in bed or hang out on the couch with you on a lazy Sunday.  

Monocle was said to have had some past gastrointestinal issues with his breeder that continued once he arrived with us.  But not having any legitimate vet records to help with analysis or history, we started from scratch and working closely with his vets to get him some relief.  So far, eating from a raised bowl, meds to combat all the gross parasites he was plagued with, and hanging out upright for a little bit after is doing wonders for him.  Easy!  Longterm, we hope that most of these issues can be fixed by reducing instances of GI upset, thereby reducing all the inflammation and stress his body has been under.  But we hope his forever family is willing to partner with their vet if he has another flare up and follow any instructions foster mom gives to ensure he can eat comfortably and retain nutrition.