Hi! My Name Is Milton

We're happy to tell you that Milton has a new furever home.
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Milton is a true survivor. He was picked up by a shelter near Austin in horrible shape, and once at a vet, we discovered the true extent of his neglect. Milton had many open sores all over his body, some of which were very old and had been infected a very long time. Despite the amount of physical pain he was clearly in, Milton melted into the hands of anyone who gave him love and affection instantly. As he has healed, he has only grown more sweet and loving. He doesn't seem to know what a stranger is, when it comes to both human and fur friends of all sorts. And now that he's used to getting all sorts of extra lovin' from foster mom, he's begun subtly reminding her that he needs more scritches by resting his pillowy jowls on her shoulder or knee while she's working. Milton's infections went so long untreated that they spread to his internal organs and did irreparable damage to his bladder (and nearly killed him). He may need to wear a belly band/karate belt longterm, but we hope he can heal a bit more with the help of regular vet care.