Hi! My Name Is Mikey

We're happy to tell you that Mikey has a new furever home.
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To understand Mikey, you have to know a little bit about where he came from.  Mikey lived in a home, once upon a time, with at least one human who didn't treat him with respect and kindness.  When he was no longer welcome inside of his home, he was sent to live in a cage with no shade in the backyard, only sometimes being allowed to sleep in the garage, where he could hear his former family but never actually see them.  Despite all of this, Mikey is surprisingly well-adjusted.  He is VERY nervous about being touched on his backside when he can't see it coming, as a result of the way he was treated in a former life.  But otherwise, he is a very loving boy who just wants to be appreciated by humans.  Mikey is currently living with two other doggy roommates, and is having the best time running and playing with them! He'd probably play all day, if foster mom didn't tempt him to relax with something delicious to chew on.  He also loves going in his crate, so some chill time in his favorite spot is a treat for him too.  Although Mikey is lovely meeting young people when out and about, he'd be best in a home without young kids, given that he is still getting over some of the trauma he's been through, and things like being picked up touched on his butt can startle him. We would like his future family to continue working with him to show him that neither of these need to be scary experiences, and no one will ever hurt him again.