Hi! My Name Is Max

We're happy to tell you that Max has a new furever home.
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Max is the most charming boy with the sweetest crooked, underbite smile. It doesn’t take much to make him happy — a cozy bed, a dog or kitty companion to pal around with, and some humans to give him some love. Max also loves to watch TV. You know how you can busy a toddler with “iPad time?” Max is the same way with a TV. Put on his favorite stories, and he’s a happy boy! And you can definitely join him on the couch, if you’d like, because Max loves to snuggle with his favorite people. The only thing this guy isn’t a fan of? Walks around the block. When he’s done, he’s done, and that’s that. Max is a very gentle boy, so we think he’d do well with kids in the home. And because he’s pretty stumpy and 7yo, we’d prefer he go to a home situation where he doesn’t have to navigate many stairs, if any. He could definitely be ok in an apartment situation, but good luck getting him to mosey out to a potty area, if it’s more than a few steps away!