Hi! My Name Is Mavie

We're happy to tell you that Mavie has a new furever home.
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We love itty bitty Mavie's spunky and silly nature!  It what makes her stand out from the typical lazy, refuse to even get up and go outside stereotypical bulldog.  She is living with a pack of dogs and friendly cats and has the best time romping and playing with them.  She's always up for adventure, exploring and most of all, having a good time.  Mavie's foster mom loves to spoil her with a big basket full of toys to tug and chase and tasty things to chew.  We'd love for her forever family to be just as excited about treating their special girl to all her favorite things!  Mavie also loves going for trots around the neigborhood to sniff all the things, especially if her dog friends come with.  We're recommending Mavie go to an adults only home while she's working on keeping all four feet on the ground to greet new friends and remembering that hands and fingers are not toys.  But having playmates in her foster home, plenty of bulldog appropriate things to chew on, and a walk or two during the day definitely helps channel some of that energy into positive things. 

Mavie also has some sensitivities, when it comes to grooming and bath time.  She received basically no care during the first months of her life, so her wrinkles and ears were always infected and painful before coming to ABR.  Basically, Mavie grew up learning to expect pain with any sort of care for her bulldog needs, which is so heartbreaking.  Her foster mom has been working diligently on changing her view of baths, fold wipes, ear cleans, etc. and can share this process with her forever family for them to continue in their own home.