Marty Barkhauser

Hi! My Name Is Marty Barkhauser

We're happy to tell you that Marty Barkhauser has a new furever home.
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Marty Barkhauser...oh my god, we LOVE this dog -- he is all of our favorite things about bulldogs!   First of all, he has THE best pillowy jowls that typically have a couple of droolcicles building throughout the day.  He's a loving boy who wants to be instant best friends with everyone he meets and greets everyone with a typical, in your face bulldog-style face licking.  Marty also is obsessed with toys.  All toys.  Everything squeaky, rolling, bouncy, smelly, name it, he's gotta play with it!  And he doesn't mind sharing those toys with other dogs too.

We know Marty is a special guy, when it comes to dog friends, because he has won over his very picky fur foster sister who now happily plays tug with him, whenever he wants.  He's a go with the flow kind of guy who is happy to hang out and nap with fur friends or wrestle or chase a ball together.  Whatever you want to do, Marty is just happy to be included.