Hi! My Name Is Maribelle

We're happy to tell you that Maribelle has a new furever home.
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Maribelle is a very loving and enjoys being glued to her humans for snuggles, especially on the couch.  She's actually content to spend her day curiously watching whatever is happenig at home or napping.  She gets a couple really funny bursts of energy, but otherwise, is pretty calm.  Maribelle is currently living with a male dog in her foster home, and is a really dainty and sweet playmate with him!  She seems to be able to tell he's a little tenative with new dogs, and we love this about there.  She's also coexisted happily with cats, in a former home.  We'd recommend Maribelle not go to a home with kids since she can be a little too enthusiastic about trying to get any potential snacks someone may be holding.  She can also be very talkative and will let you know if you are not giving her the attention she deserves (even if she just met you!) which may confuse younger kids.