Hi! My Name Is Luca

We're happy to tell you that Luca has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

It's pretty hard not to get along with Luca.  Just about every human and dog he meets is happy to make his acquaintance.  He found himself in a risky shelter under circumstances beyond his control.  And while he was actually pretty healthy, emotionally he was struggling being in a kennel alone without people or other dogs around to keep him company.  And when he arrived at his foster home, he was immediately ready to be as close as possible and give plenty of hugs to the nice new human friends he met.  One of our favorite things Luca does is reaching out for you with a chubby paw when he wants more love.  You can make him happy by snuggling up to him or holding his hand, but he's gonna keep trying to get your attention until you do!

We love how amiable Luca is with other dogs.  He does have to get his first meeting jollies out (you know...when dogs first meet and they're like OMG WE'RE BOTH DOGS HOW EXCITING IS THIS?!) but once he does, he's so easygoing.  We actually think he'd be an amazing foster brother, if his family wants to help save more dogs, given how tolerant he is of all sorts of dog personalities.  Luca has not lived with kids before, but we think 6+ would be best for him, given how gentle and sweet he is.