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Hi! My Name Is Leonidas

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ABR’s resident little lion Leo is a story in the perseverance of dogs. He was brought to us after being surrendered to a shelter in rough shape. Only 5 years old, he had advanced heartworm disease that had never been treated and was the victim of severe neglect. Despite his rough start to life, Leo is a wiggly ball of curiosity and love. His inquisitive eyes are always asking the same two questions: “Hey, watcha doing? Can I join?” Leo is fascinated with toys. He loves anything he can chase down and chew on (bonus points if it squeaks). While his heartworm disease makes it difficult for him to play for extended periods of time, he’s perfectly content to snuggle up next to you on the couch for an afternoon of TV and snuggles. But be warned, inviting Leo onto your bed at night is an invitation for him to lick your face and take up half the bed. If you’re looking for an adorable little bed hog who will give you unending love and an ever-wiggling tail, then this gentle soul will have you falling head over heels.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Male
  • Adult (6 - 9 Years)
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • Fawn & White
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • I Like Kids Over 6
  • I Don't Like Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • $ 150.00
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