Hi! My Name Is Kiara

We're happy to tell you that Kiara has a new furever home.
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Kiara lights up a room whenever she waddles in.  Not only is she a beautiful golden color, she'll always greet everyone she meets with a big bully smile and a wagging tail.  We're not sure what sort of stumpy creature she's supposed to be, but she is definitely mixed with some sort of bulldog.  Kiara settled in almost immediately with her foster family.  The other dogs in her home loved her and she was so happy to have the attention of humans.  She's not currently living with kids, but we think she'd do just fine with kids 6+, since she is still somewhat enthusiasitc with her greetings and my knock a little one over.  Kiara is also great with all sorts of handling and grooming -- nothing seems to bother her!  Giving her a bath, cleaning her ears, and wiping her folds just means more attention for Kiara.  Because Kiara was bred to intentionally be low and wide, in stance, her forever family will need to take extra care of her joint health to make sure she doesn't injure herself.  She'd be best in a home where she doesn't have to navigate many stairs, but does just fine on walks.  We recommend making sure she stay on a good joint supplement, just in case.  She will also need proper bulldog allergy care, and her folds cleaned, though she does have significantly less of those than her pure bred cousins.