Hi! My Name Is John

We're happy to tell you that John has a new furever home.
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John is pure comedy in bulldog form.  He's a ridiculous puppy, with the energy to match, who absolutely needs another playful dog in his home to be happy.  John will also want to share toys with his fur friends and snuggle up in bed together, so his fur siblings should be cool with that too.  He's definitely still learning how to give a dog space when they say 'no thank you, sir!' so a dog who isn't interseted in rough housing would not be a good fit.  Everything John does will have you laughing and wondering what is going on in that bulldog brain of his.  He's so expressive and even the way he sleeps is hilarious.

John seems to have sustained an old injury to his spine at a young age, which left him with some nerve damage and a wonky gait.  He's been checked out extensively by our vets (who have also consulted with a neurologist) who have confirmed that this cannot be surgically corrected, nor is he in pain.  John is completely unbothered by the fact that he moves a little bit differently, and can still launch himself at his fur foster siblings for some face nibbles and wrestling.  John is not incontinent, and is doing a great job picking up potty training in his current home!  Long term care won't really be any different than for any other bulldog --monitor for changes and consult a vet if things progress.  We would, however, prefer John go to a home with older kids or no kids, since he needs to be surrounded by people who are careful to not do anything that would actually cause this injury to be painful for him.