Hi! My Name Is Janie

We're happy to tell you that Janie has a new furever home.
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Janie is a very sweet and beautiful girl who loves her humans with every squish and roll in her tiny body.  She's a snuggly babe with the most soulful eyes and cutest, funny underbite.  And Janie LOVES being in bed or on the couch with her favorite people -- she's the best little weighted blanket/white noise machine! 

Knowing Janie, means knowing where she came from before ABR.  She spent the first three years of her life in a tiny cage in breeder's backyard, producing litter after litter until her body gave up.  So when she arrived at her ABR foster, EVERYTHING was new to her -- living inside, meeting new people and dogs, and all the sights and sounds of homelife.  Her confidence has improved SO MUCH since then, but she can still be startled by loud sounds and lots going on.  We think a home with teens or adults only is best, and we think she'd prefer a home that doesn't have a ton of big parties or gatherings often.  Janie is currently living with a very calm dog and a curious cat, and does well with both.  But we also think she'd love to be your one and only fur queen of the castle and be spoiled with all of the attention.