Hi! My Name Is Pudge

We're happy to tell you that Pudge has a new furever home.
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Pudge has never had a bad day in his life!  Even when he was found by his savior with a painful broken leg, Pudge was all wiggles, wags and kisses.  He loves all humans and animals, big and small.  Pudge is an awesome doggy companion because he is intuitive enough to adapt his playstyle to match his friends or happy to snuggle up, if they don't want to play.  He's also super gentle with humans, and doesn't mind any sort of handling.  He's been a major favorite at his vet, since he doesn't even need to be sedated for cast changes and gives plenty of kisses to say thank you.  Pudge can live comfortably in an apartment or a home with a yard.  Although he is able to traverse stairs, we would prefer he go to a forever home with none or just a few.  We want to make sure he has a pain free life after suffering through a broken leg + he has a very squatty, wide stance, which could mean future joint problems if he has to use a lot of stairs every day.  Pudge does not require a lot of the extra fold cleanings that a purebred English Bulldog needs, but he will still need the same sort of allergy, joint, and ear care.