Hi! My Name Is Ike

We're happy to tell you that Ike has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

You may notice nearly all of Ike's pics are of close ups of his wonderfully beefy blockhead.  And that's because you can usually find him as close to you as possible or in your lap.  Yes, we know.  Ike has never met you.  But we promise that's just how much this guy loves every single person he meets.  Ike is super gentle and lovely to all humans.  And we actually would recommend older kids for him, unless your 6-8yo doesn't mind his meaty self trying to sit on their lap.  Ike feels best in the company of other dogs -- slow intros would actually be tough for him.  We'd love for him to go to a forever family with another dog (or dogs!) who are welcoming to a new dog in their space, open to sharing their humans (and couch) and comfortable with sharing their toys.  Ike has absolutely no concept of personal space, whether you're a human or dog.  Ike is also good with cats, in that he is a little afraid of them.  He's not quite sure about the quick moving little things that blur across the living room, but is getting braver every day in his foster home.  All in all, we think he'd be just fine in a home with cats, even curious ones. 

Ike has some foggy eyes that we're getting checked out by a vet soon.  He has a little trouble seeing at night, but he's going to be glued to you anyway, so you can be his seeing eye human.  We hope we can restore some of his vision and that this is just due to neglect.  But we think regardless, he will always need drops, basic bulldog seasonal and diet allergy care, and his eyes wiped.