Hi! My Name Is Hugo

We're happy to tell you that Hugo has a new furever home.
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Hugo wants nothing more in life than to snore the day away in the coziest spot in the house.  He's 1000% bulldog -- all the snorty, slobbery, teddy bear, snuggly goodness that we love about them! He's definitely stubborn too, so good luck if you have dreams of going for walks around the neighborhood to show off his handsome self to all your friends.  Hugo loves all people.  He's a total snugglebug and would love for you to hug him and squish all his folds.  He was dropped off at a shelter with another dog in pretty bad condition, but has luckily recovered in the care of ABR.  He will always need the typical bulldog maintenance stuff -- eye drops, ear cleaning, fold cleaning, tail pocket maintenance, joint supplements, and proper allergy care.  We think Hugo would be best with older kids, if any, since he is working on not humping his human friends when things get too rowdy (and did we mention already..he's a big boy!).  We also think Hugo would be more comfortable in a home with no other dogs or a dog who doesn't mind sharing their humans, since Hugo is a bit of mama's boy and can get frustrated if his fur foster siblings try to get affection from foster mom when he's around.  But really, Hugo is pretty easy to please.  As long as you have some tasty snacks and don't mind a little drool on your favorite comfy chair, he's thrilled!